Custom Orders are currently: CLOSED
Custom Orders will reopen: date to be announced.

Custom orders are limited and subject to deposit. This page will explain what a custom order is and how you can secure a spot. All custom pieces are made to measure and are suitable to adults of all shapes and sizes. Please be aware I DO NOT make clothing for children or babies. 

How custom orders work

1. First have a look through all the "Ready to Ship" items and "Design Your Own" options. If there is nothing there for you then securing a custom spot will be the next best thing. This means you can have an item made in a different style with a fabric soured outside the normal stock range. 

2. When open, pay for and secure yourself a "Custom order- Deposit". This will be found on the sidebar of the website. It will be a $50 AUD deposit. Please make sure to add your correct email in when purchasing.

3. Shortly after your payment you will receive an email from me. I will ask you what you would like to order. This will include styles, fabrics and measurements. You will be able to order multiple items. When responding it's helpful to send screenshots/images/drawings of what you would like- including fabrics and styles.

*NOTE: You can draw inspiration from anywhere but please be aware that I will NOT copy work from other designers*

4. Once all details are discussed and agreed upon I will send you a quote for it all taking out the $50 AUD deposit that you paid. 

5. When the custom order is paid I will then start on your order. After Pay is available. Please remember that that custom orders take time and your order will take time especially if I am sourcing fabric from elsewhere.
Before you order you are welcome to email me to ask about wait times. If you do pay the deposit and its decided that the items you wanted made are not something I can do a full refund will be issued.