Little Patch Creations understands that each and every one of us is unique and therefore all items you purchase from this website are made to order. All items can be made for all shapes and sizes.

In all the "Design Your Own" listings it requires you to enter the correct measurements such as Bust, Waist and Hip. These details ensure that your item is made perfectly to suit your body.

How To Measure

You will need a flexible tape measure to do this.
Please follow this guide to ensure you measure yourself correctly.  

BUST - circumference of your chest measured at its widest point

WAIST - circumference of your mid section measured at its narrowest point

HIP - circumference of your hips measured at its widest point

Other measurements that may be necessary include bra size, top length and skirt length.

BRA SIZE - A combination measurement including band length and cup size (Example. 12D)

UNDER BUST SIZE - circumference around your under bust 

TOP LENGTH - the measurement from the top of the item to the bottom

Example 1:  if you are measuring a "Bandeau Top" you will need to measure from the top of your bust down to where you would like the material to end.
Example 2: if you are measuring a "High Neck Crop" you will need to measure from your shoulder to where you would like the material to end.

SKIRT LENGTH - the measurement from your waist  down to where you would like the material to end (this includes wasitband)

INSEAM - The measurement from your crotch to where you want your pants to end. (Length)

When you have the correct measurements make sure to add these into your order as centimetres. If you have any questions regarding sizing please contact me ! I will be happy to help !