Current update:

As the demand for these fabric has become so high I decided to make this fabric available on a pre order basis only.

What does this mean? 
- You can order the items you like when preorders are open. With these particular fabrics you can order a range of items made to suit your measurements. 
- When preorders close the required amount of fabric to complete those orders will be purchased. 
- Usually it takes 4-5 weeks to arrive once purchased and then shortly after that your order will be cut out, made and shipped. 

Somethings to consider
- If you are ordering something via PREORDER you have to take into account how long it may take to have the item made and posted to you. You would be best ordering 2 months prior to your event if you live in Australia or 3 months prior to your event if you live internationally.

How to Order
- pick your favourite "design your own" items.
- select "Magic Mushrooms(PREORDER)" or Rainbow Flash(PREORDER) for the fabric 
- add your measurements
- leave date of event blank- preorder items may take 2 months for Australian customers and 3 months for international customers
- check over the details
- purchase and you are DONE :)

NOTE- Reflective fabrics are more expensive then my others and when purchasing something in them the price will adjust accordingly at the cart

Also know that the Rainbow Flash fabric is only available for only a few Design Your Own items. Reason being is this fabric feels more like pleater, is heavier and not as stretchy.

Please email me if you have any questions

Below are photos of the fabrics.

Please remember that this fabric will appear black and grey and will change colour to different lighting situations.

Examples of items made in the Magic Mushrooms and Rainbow Flash fabrics: