Little Patch Creations offers the opportunity to have your very own custom made festival piece !

What does this mean?

Each product in my "Design Your Own" range gives you the opportunity to pick from a huge selection of fabrics that are then displayed as small swatches. For your convenience these fabrics will be displayed in larger images below.

Once you decide on your favourite- Remember the name! You will need this for when you go back to purchase your outfit.

All fabrics below are 100% POLYESTER- 4 way stretch.

How to Order

1- Firstly, click into your favourite "Design Your Own" product.
2- Click the swatch that corresponds with the one you liked on this page (Make sure the name is the same!).
3- Enter the required measurements into the text fields (example- Bust, Waist, Hip)
4- Add to cart and double check that all your information is correct before proceeding to the payment screen
5- Checkout! - Now you are done! 

*Please beware that all items are handmade to your measurements! This does take time so please make sure you place your custom order at least 3-4 weeks prior to your event !*

Information about REFLECTIVE fabrics

Silver Flash and Rainbow Flash are both stretch fabrics with a pleather like feel to them. These fabrics appear silver/grey until a direct harsh light such as a camera flash is pointed at them. When direct un natural light is on them they will react and flash with a striking Silver or Rainbow effect.

As these two fabrics are quite different to my other stretch fabrics in the way they feel I have decided to only make them available for certain styles. 

WARNING: If these fabrics overheat the layer of fabric that reacts to light will begin to peel /scratch. Please be cautious of this when wearing your garments. For example: If you have a phone in your pocket/ handbag on you and those items create friction on the fabric it will peel/scratch. 

Want something else?

Alongside all of these options I can also source other prints. If you have a particular colour, pattern, theme ect.. that you are looking for - email me with your ideas and from there we can discuss your options.