" When you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance "

We have all heard this quote before and its 100% true. Supporting handmade means so much more then you can possibly imagine. Showing love for something that has taken someone days, months or even years to perfect is incredible. Each handmade item comes with its own little story and is usually made quite unique.

Another huge reason to support handmade is that most items are not made in huge quantities or require large factories or facilities to do so. This means that supporting small businesses is also quite good for the environment and ensures you are supporting ethical practices and that your money is going to a good place where people are paid fairly. 

As a small business owner a lot of you know that I am very passionate about supporting handmade and other small businesses.

Over the years I have supported many other makers by purchasing from their businesses. After receiving the products I am always so eager to show my followers on Instagram, Facebook and sometimes Tik Tok.

I find a lot of enjoyment in creating unboxing videos for my followers and over the years I have noticed how popular they have become. This has lead to making so many friendships with other small business owners.

I would love to continue to support as many small businesses as possible and as requested I have decided to set up a PO BOX to give everyone the opportunity to have their small business items featured in unboxing videos. 

If you would like to send me anything my postal address is: 

Little Patch Creations 
PO BOX 7166

All items that are sent to me will be credited with social media tags alongside my unboxing video so please make sure to include your business name (Instagram page).

If you do not own a small business but wish to write me a letter or send me something random I am more then happy to make videos like that as well and please include your instagram username if you would like to be credited also.

Please be aware I pre-record all my videos and anything that I deem as inappropriate will not be shown. 

In addition to my unboxing videos I really wanted to create a page in which my followers can go back to and check out all the small businesses I support regularly or those who have sent me something in the past. 

I believe this will be an excellent idea for those looking to support small businesses for themselves, friends or even for events like birthdays and Christmas. 

Please check out my page "Businesses You Can Support" to see a list of these.