You have your tickets, so now you are ready to start designing your PERFECT outfit! 

This page will guide you through the custom order process step by step. As Taylor provides us with SO much variety and inspiration for the coolest outfits, I thought it was only fitting that I do the same. 

Step 1: Pick an outfit style

- Top- bralette? singlet? tee shirt? sleeves? no sleeves? scoop neckline? v neckline? cropped? full length?
- Bottoms- Bummers? Shorts? Long Pants? Skirt? Maxi Skirt?
- One piece- Bodysuit? Jumpsuit? Pinafore? Overalls? Dress?

HELPFUL TIP: I would suggest looking through my "Basics" page on my website-  This will show the shapes and styles I am familiar with. Or send me your own ideas. Please include screenshots and/or drawings of the items you would like. 

Step 2: Pick some fabrics

This step may be a little overwhelming as there is so much to choose from. However its very helpful to me if you narrow down on each detail. Below is a list of what I can order in for you. Please include screenshots of the ones you like.

FABRIC PRINTS (Designed for all of the ERAS by @craftedbybri_ on IG)

These can be printed onto Polyester Spandex, Cotton Spandex and Rayon



FABRIC PRINTS (Designed for each ERA by @craftedbybri_ on IG)

These can be printed onto Polyester Spandex, Cotton Spandex and Rayon

HELPFUL TIP: These would work perfectly for patchwork items! 



 FABRIC PRINTS (Inspired by the ERAS sourced from Etsy)

These can be printed onto Polyester Spandex, Cotton Spandex or Rayon

HELPFUL TIP: These prints are perfect for making an outfit that representative of Taylors Eras but also wearable for other occasions!


FANCY FABRICS (Inspired by Taylors outfits)

 These are all POLYESTER STRETCH and suitable for most styles

































Step 3: Any add ons - any important details

- ADD ONS: Trim? Pockets? Scrunchies?
example1- "I want a top made but I want to make sure I provide my arm circumference as most tops don't fit around my arms"
example2- "I want to place my order now but my weight fluctuates so can you make it closer to the date"
example3- "I am sensitive to particular fabrics and need a certain type"

Step4: Approximate sizing

I will require your true measurements for the item at the time of purchase or later after purchase but for a quote I will need to know approximate sizing so I know how much fabric to order.

Step5: What date you need it for

This is important as I need to be sure I can have it made in time for you. 

Step6: DM me on Instagram or email me !

Instagram: @littlepatchcreations
Email: littlepatchcreations@gmail.com

Type up a message with ALL the details above and please include screenshots of the styles and fabrics you like. The more details you provide the faster and easier it is for me to communicate with you.

I have a lot of keen Swifties eager to get their hands on an amazing outfit so please note my inboxes are filling up fast and I am doing my best to keep on top of it all. (One woman business) If I don't get back to you right away please don't stress, I will as soon as I can.

HELPFUL TIP: I am much more responsive on Instagram! plus you get to see daily updates on my stories which is so fun as you will see fabric un-boxings and also behind the scenes content of the outfits I create. 

What will happen next after you message me?
I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. The more details you provide in your message the easier and faster my communication will be with you. 

First I will ask any questions I need to make sure we are on the same page about your outfit. I will then send you a mock up design/drawing of what I can make for you.

If you are happy with the design I will then give you a quote for the item/s. This quote will be based off material costs and labour involved in making your outfit.

If you are happy with the price I will then send you an online listing of your order. You will click into the link, add in all measurements relevant to your item/s and then purchase.

Wait times for custom items will vary and this can be discussed prior to purchasing your order.


Q. Do you do plus size?
A. Yes, all items are made to your measurements. I cannot do absolutely every garment in all sizes but please send me your ideas and I will let you know what I am capable of.

Q. Do you make kids clothing?
A. No, I only make items for adults.

Q. Can I pay a deposit and the rest later?
A. No, only full payments are accepted when ordering but I do offer After-pay.

Q. How early should I order?
A. As soon as possible. Custom work can take anywhere between 1-3 months. (including the wait time on your custom fabrics to arrive) 

Q. Whats the latest I can order?
A. At this time I would say 3/4 months prior to the event but this will lately change and I may even have to cut orders off at some point if I become too busy. 

Q. Can you make a Taylor Swift replica stage outfit?
A. No. However, I am happy to draw inspiration from them and create something for you with fabrics and patterns available to my business.

Q. Can you do hand beading/sequins/rhinestone details?
A. No. However, we can talk about pre-made trims and how I can add them into your item. Alternatively I can make you a base outfit and once you receive it you can add your own details. 

Q. I bought some fabric already, can you make something with it?
A. No, I will only work with fabrics I source myself.

Any other questions please DM me on Instagram or email me. I am very happy to help!