All pieces are made to measure and most items are suitable for adults of all shapes and sizes. Please be aware I do not make clothing for children or babies. 

I (Samantha) am the sole owner and creator at Little Patch Creations and I am currently and temporarily operating from a smaller space then usual in Brisbane. The reason for this is that I recently had a Liver Transplant surgery and now need to stay in Brisbane for three months for organ aftercare.

This change will have a major impact on the way I am able to operate the business. Not all designs and fabrics will be available.

This bit is VERY IMPORTANT- Once your order is paid for, it will be made as soon as possible, however if anything comes up with my health and I have to return to hospital your order will either be put on hold or cancelled.

If you need something made for a particular date it may be wise not to order during this time.

If you order a custom piece that includes fabrics or accessories that have been outsourced you will NOT receive a refund if I am called in for surgery. I will make your items when I am able to do so- This may be months after your purchase.