Design Your Own Custom Piece + Inspiration / Ideas

Over the years I have been collecting and sourcing beautiful, fun and brightly coloured fabrics from all over the world. In 2017 I started creating festival wear using simple designs but with outstanding fabrics. 

Today I now offer a huge collection of products which are all custom made to suit each individual. To make the ordering process easier I have created this website allowing customers the freedom to design an item online! All they have to do is choose the design, choose a fabric and then enter their unique measurements. 

Things to be aware of BEFORE making your purchase

1. Our refund policy. Please read over this! This can be found under "Shipping and Returns" in the navigation bar.

2. This is a made to order business. All items are lovingly handmade and will take time. Please make sure your order is in at least 3 weeks prior to your event. 

How To Order

1. Firstly browse through all the items listed within my "Products" link which can be found on the navigation bar.

2. In each listing it requires you to pick a swatch (fabric) and then enter the necessary measurements. These steps must be made in order to proceed to the checkout. While looking at your favourite products make sure to read the description. This will tell you the type of fabric that is used to make that item.

3. To view the swatches (fabrics) at full resolution and size click into the navigation bar again and select the fabric that is used to make the item you want to design. 

Example: if the listing says "This item used 100% polyester - 4 way stretch" you would then click into the menu item named "Stretch Fabrics".

4. In this page pick your favourite fabric. Remember the name! You will need this.

5. Click back into the item you wish to design. When you hover your cursor over each swatch it will appear with a name. Find the name of your preferred fabric. Click on it and make sure it is highlighted with a grey circle.

6. Enter the required measurements ! If you are unsure on how to measure yourself please click into the navigation bar and select "Sizing".

7. Once you have entered all your custom sizing then click "Add to Cart".

8. Proceed to checkout and double check that all your details are correct including the fabric name, your measurements, name, shipping address and email address.

9. Select your preferred payment method. ( We have AFTERPAY! )

10. Purchase! You are now done and will receive a confirmation email from Little Patch Creations. 


Want to add a little extra fun to your outfit or maybe something that will help with creating a more comfortable / supportive look for you? 

I have recently added a few options for this. To view these follow the steps below.

1. Firstly, Click on the side bar and select "Festivalwear" and then "ADD ONS"

2. Browse through these and add the appropriate add ons for your items to the cart. 

If you have just added a skirt to your cart and want to add pockets - Select the listing "Add a pocket" then choose the quantity of pockets you want your garment to have.

If you have just added a bralette to your cart and wish for it to have extra support and adjustability - Select the listings "wider underband" and "bra backs" and add these to your cart choosing the appropriate colour and size for you. 

You can also add trim to certain pieces and scrunchies to your order. 

Can't find what you are looking for? Let's talk about custom outfits!

I also offer the opportunity to have something made specific to you.
To order something unique please follow the instructions below:

1. Firstly come up with an idea or draw inspiration from certain images, colours or themes.

EXAMPLE : If you send me a bunch of images of styles and fabrics you like, I can then create an idea with that - your input is super helpful and necessary in the custom made process rather then something like - "I just want something unique".

NOTE: if you want a different fabric to what I have listed on my site there may be an extra charge to have something specific ordered in. 

2. Email me on . Send me a detailed description of what you are after. Please include drawings, images, colours, fabrics and your own personal measurements.

NOTE: If you send me images from another handmade business requesting me to copy- I won't. I do not mind if you draw inspiration from other designers but I DO NOT COPY and will never make a replica outfit of another designers work. 

3. When available I will respond to your message and confirm with you all the details regarding your order including confirmation on fabrics, drawings of the outfit you like and a quote for the item/s.

4. When you are ready to pay I will send you a unique website link specific to your order. Please click into it, check over it, add your measurements into the text fields, the date of event ( if there is one ) and checkout. Please consider paying for express shipping if you need it. 

NOTE: I do not take part payments for anything I make. Full payments must be made before I order in your fabrics or start sewing. However please be aware I do now offer AFTER PAY on all orders as well. 

5. Once paid your order will appear on my list and it will be made and shipped to you as soon as possible. This may take 3-4 weeks depending on the item/s you order so please always allow plenty of time. Also be sure to keep an eye on your emails incase I need to ask you any other questions regarding your order.

6. THANK YOU for supporting handmade :) I honestly appreciate it so much and cannot express how happy it makes me being able to do what I love daily !

Inspiration + Ideas
Instagram photos of customers wearing Little Patch Creations outfits.


Fabrics Combos

To make your items unique you can mix fabrics for a HALF HALF look or a PATCHWORK look. Below are photos of some popular fabric combos to help you choose.


Examples of past creations