I am currently OPEN for orders!

(But with VERY IMPORTANT terms and conditions so please read below carefully)


All pieces are made to measure and most items are suitable for adults of all shapes and sizes. Please be aware I do not make clothing for children or babies. 

I (Samantha) am the sole owner and creator at Little Patch Creations and I am currently and temporarily operating from a smaller space then usual in Brisbane. The reason for this is that I recently had a Liver Transplant surgery and now need to stay in Brisbane for three months for organ aftercare.

This change will have a major impact on the way I am able to operate the business. Not all designs and fabrics will be available.

This bit is VERY IMPORTANT- Once your order is paid for, it will be made as soon as possible, however if anything comes up with my health and I have to return to hospital your order will either be put on hold or cancelled.

If you need something made for a particular date it may be wise not to order during this time.

If you order a custom piece that includes fabrics or accessories that have been outsourced you will NOT receive a refund if I am called in for surgery. I will make your items when I am able to do so- This may be months after your purchase. 


1. Choose a design
Below are images of designs I am able to do currently. Some normal styles will be missing as I cannot do them with the smaller machines I have. Screenshot the items you choose.

*Some styles are only suitable for some sizes*

FESTIVAL STYLES (100% Polyester Spandex):

CASUAL WEAR STYLES (Fabrics vary- Rayon, Cotton and Linen):

2. Pick a fabric
Below are photos of the fabrics I currently have. There is not many due to lack of space in my temporary set up. If you wish to request other fabrics please ask.

FESTIVAL STYLES (100% Polyester Spandex):
- Plain colours available are Black & White 

CASUAL WEAR FABRICS (Fabrics vary- Rayon, Cotton and Linen)):
- Plain colours available are Black & White 

3. Do you want any add ons?
Pockets?, Scrunchies? ect. Let me know when you order

4. Sizing
Please have a look at my How to Measure videos on Instagram. These are pinned to the top of my profile. 

5. Contact Me
When you have decided on the design/s, fabric/s, add ons and you know your sizing it's time to contact me. Please send me a DM on Instagram or email me at littlepatchcreations@gmail.com


Before contacting me make sure to have an idea in mind and the following details:
- A description of the design/s you would like made including drawings or screenshots for inspiration
- Examples of fabrics you like including screenshots for inspiration
- A list of any extras you want on your item/s - eg. pockets & trim
- Your relevant measurements according to the item/s you would like made- Bust, Waist, Hip Top Length, Skirt Length ect.

*NOTE: You can draw inspiration from anywhere but please be aware that I will NOT copy work from other designers*

After I receive and have read your message I will respond as soon as possible with further questions, drawings of the designs and screenshots of fabrics I may be able to source for your item/s.

When all details are discussed and agreed upon I will send you a link for purchase. Please read through all the details listed and message me if there is anything that needs to be changed. If everything is fine you can add the item to your cart and purchase. These items MUST be paid in full before I start your order. After Pay is available.